"You gotta figure, everything starts someplace. The closest thing for me is when I was just seven days old, and I met her." - Roxas

"My name... Was that the first thing
Xion's ever said?" - Roxas

"Somehow... it feels kind of warm. It's almost like I'm holding your hand." - Xion

"When I saw her lying there...
I couldn't stop thinking that she'll never wake up." -Roxas

"I'll have these moments memorized for a long time. Forever, I hope." - Xion

"Me too. Forever..." - Roxas

"There are only two things I want before I leave the Organization. My memories with Xion. A thalassa shell—the shell for the keepsake charm." - Roxas

“No matter what that guy says, I’ll protect you.”- Roxas

"Good-bye, Roxas. See you again. I'm glad... I got to meet you." - Xion

'The girl looks like she’ll fade away at any moment now,' thought Roxas. 'Why… why is this painful, somehow? I hate it.'

"I remember. I remember Xion. I wouldn’t forget. The sunset, the ice cream, there’s no way I’d forget." - Roxas

"Xion told me to free Kingdom Hearts. That was Xion’s wish. Then I want to grant Xion’s wish. Because maybe, if I do, I might be able to see Xion again. My treasured best friend that I destroyed with this hand of mine." - Roxas

"The girl I treasure. Xion." - Roxas

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   ”Remember, its all over. Our secret base, our adventure… And when
   we were lost that day, those stories as well… Those children, all alone,
   gathered to make a plan, and again today, it went into motion

                 Maybe we find each other again." x

this doesn’t look like it took v long but trust me it took me several hour So long Farewell I’m de a d.

If you like this, my other KH-KP works are here!


Few months ago I published some hypothetical artworks of how I imagined a possible Arendelle world from Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III. And many guys asked for me to do more artworks of other worlds. So here it is! Some artworks inspired by Wreck It Ralph. Hope you like it ^-^


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✧ dapper OT3s✧・゚:  \(✿)/ ✧・゚



Can I request something like “Sora, I can’t believe we were all Xehanorts all along! Everybody was a Xehanort!” in Goofy’s voice just to screw with Kingdom Hearts fans?


I honestly would not put it past the Kingdom Hearts writers to come up with a plot twist like this.


Source: NOR

~ Snapshot ~
Lea: Tada!! This is mine! Cool, right—?
Ven: …Even you…
Isa: By the way, this is mine.
Ven: Wait! Don’t you think that guy’s got something scary?
Lea: Ah—it’s cool. As long as his gauge doesn’t accumulate, what’s the trouble?
Ven: What gauge—!?

Rough translation, but yeah. lol




we are ; c o n n e c t e d ;

Kingdom Hearts Trios ❧ ∩ ✫ 

I always wonder how Vanitas look when he’s shy ∩˙▿˙∩


What do you mean you don’t ship VanVen???

i’ll make u ship it



No idea what these nerds are doing but they’re cute

Blue Ice Cream Bar